New Design Approach to Meet New Demands…
Sandalyeci whose focal point is the passion to create innovative, universal and comfortable designs, offers aesthetic and durable forms of creation by combining traditional craftsmanship techniques with high-tech manufacturing processes. The main source of this motivation is to meet the new demands in customization and appealing to different tastes, without sacrificing from durability and ergonomics.
Manufacturing high-quality furniture for the contract furniture market, Sandalyeci has been serving global hospitality chains for over 20 years. With extensive product lines and full customization offerings, Sandalyeci became the one-stop shop providing creative furniture solutions within one holistic approach. Focusing on collaborations with designers and partnering together with project owners, Sandalyeci’s design team aims to generate a special experience during production, where each design is viewed as a key to a specific design problem.

Based in the port city of Izmir, Turkey, Sandalyeci operates its manufacturing within a 25 thousand square meter-sized (270,000 sq feet) facility, with a special focus on solid beechwood and other solid wood types. Curing its own wood portfolio and applying the strictest durability standards, Sandalyeci produces not only solidwood chairs, tables, booths, and complementary items, but also metal sitting groups as well as fully customizable product offerings.

Operating globally in 22 branch offices in over 30 countries, offering ergonomics, comfort and durability is a vital piece of Sandalyeci’s holistic approach, combining the finest quality of materials, and exquisite craftsmanship. As a brand, Sandalyeci keeps its differentiation with its custom offerings, and maintaining a wide range of fabric and leather in-house options, as well as the ability to work with COM and COL.
Meeting the new demands in customization and serving global hospitality chains and unique commercial spaces.
Caryinng the sector leadership to a global level by combining creative designs with high-tech industrial craftmanship .